LAGEMOSYS - LAnding GEar MOnitoring SYStems


Messier-Bugatti-Dowty has partnered with The Technology Partnership, the University of
Sheffield and the University of Cambridge to conduct a research project into health and usage
monitoring for aircraft landing gears. The project aims to demonstrate how usage data can be
captured and stored for a landing gear, how the real life experienced by a landing gear compares
with the design assumptions, how life experience impacts on the health state of the landing gear
and how that life data can be tracked using identity tagging technology. The project will also
investigate self-learning mathematical modelling techniques that can reliably predict the loads on a
landing gear using aircraft flight data with minimal additional sensors. The motivation for the project
is for MBD to be able to offer its customers additional services that will reduce unscheduled
maintenance of landing gears, increase airline operational efficiency and enhance the design of
future landing gears. The collaboration between world leaders in their industrial fields and teams at
the cutting edge of academic research is expected to result in increased jobs and business in the
UK aerospace industry together with further reinforcement of the UK as a centre of excellence for

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Safran Landing Systems UK Ltd £2,632,658 £ 1,316,329


University of Sheffield, United Kingdom £287,063 £ 287,063
University of Cambridge, United Kingdom £380,274 £ 380,274


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