Wing Concept Integration (CI)

Lead Participant: Airbus Operations Limited


Airbus is running a strategic programme called ‘Wing of the Future’ as part of the UK Aerospace Technology Institute funding initiative. The overall aim is to secure a robust set of innovative technologies at the integrated wing-level and an industrial capability to deploy those concepts in order to ensure Airbus’ programme needs related to wing can be satisfied over the next twenty years.
Concept Integration (CI) is a key project within the Wing of the Future Programme and will focus on the industrialisation of technologies, development of disruptive solutions for future products in the timeframe 2025+ and will be responsible for integration activities across the suite of Wing of the Future technologies. In conjunction with other projects within the Wing of the Future collaborative framework, CI will be organised in three key phases, each of two years duration
CI includes a number of key integration streams for Airbus including leading the collaboration with target Programmes in order to ensure short term exploitation (EIS in 5-10 years) of technologies bringing ‘quick-win’ weight and cost benefits, and also ensuring suites of integrated technologies are optimised and matched to the particular requirements of the aircraft application. The project is supported by a selection of strategic and associate partners from respected research and industrial fields.


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