Pressure Ratio Optimised Fan Integral to Low speed Engines (PROFILE

Lead Participant: Rolls-Royce plc


Pressure Ratio Optimised Fan Integral to Low speed Engines (PROFILE)

Building on the success of the Trent family of three shaft engines Rolls-Royce has announced its intent to develop UltraFan™, a novel Very High Bypass Ratio (VHBR) geared architecture. This provides a significant improvement in propulsive efficiency and will be available for the next generation of aircraft 2025 and beyond. A fundamental enabler for this new architecture is the development of a large diameter, low speed, low pressure ratio fan system. This represents a step change in fan technology and entails significant technical challenges including structural integration of the fan system into a geared architecture and mechanical integrity of the blades during impact scenarios. PROFILE is a project to investigate and mitigate these challenges through a blade mechanical rig programme, academic research, and a comprehensive fan system design study.

Lead Participant

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Rolls-Royce plc, United Kingdom £8,797,812 £ 4,028,518


University of Oxford, United Kingdom £742,518 £ 742,518


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