Lead Participant: Rolls-Royce plc


Geometry is at the heart of all aerodynamic and mechanical design processes and tools. The creation, manipulation and discretisation of geometry has become the bottle neck in design-simulation iteration time and therefore is a limiting factor in our ability to reduce time to market. Increasing competitive, environmental and commercial pressures are demanding ever higher performing products which in turn need more design iterations and simulation which means that the importance of geometry and its integration with the design process and simulation is increasing. GEMinIDS will deliver geometry handling and meshing technology that builds upon the GHandI (Geometry Handling and Integration) project whilst also extending its scope to Integrated Design Systems. GEMinIDS brings together the technology and consortium established in GHandI, with leading SMEs and academics in the field, to produce a project with a scale, breadth and level of synergy that will enable a step change in UK competitiveness in this important enabling technology.


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