MEGCAP will re-invent the thermal management of the interior of aircraft starter-generator electrical
machines. Project outputs will be equipment and products with higher efficiency, lower self-heating –
leading to cooler and smaller equipment. The project will also advance the control electronics.
Safran will conduct the R&T work jointly with UK based supply chain partners. Ferranti already undertake
build to print work for Safran on flight standard electrical controls. Barden manufacture many of Safran’s specialised rolling element bearing for electrical machines. TE Connectivity supply electrical interconnects for data and power. All of these areas – and some that are technologically adjacent – will be addressed by the MEGCAP partnership.
Two suppliers new to aerospace will use the advanced technologies they work on develop their future
business. Both specialists in Additive Manufacturing (AM), 3T and CRDM – will undertake work on new
materials and on the manufacture of conventional materials in novel new shapes.
MEGCAP will deliver a strong and distinct cluster of technological capability in the supply chain for both electrical machines and their electrical controls.

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