PIPS (Powerplant Integration with Platform Systems)

Lead Participant: Rolls-Royce Plc


The Power-Plant Integration with Platform Systems (PIPS) program will develop technologies in the
UK to enable greater integration between the Power-plant and Airframe, resulting in a more capable
and efficient aircraft. This programme shall develop facilities and skills in the UK to maintain and
grow our integration capability, ensuring we are world class in developing integrated aerospace
This programme shall specifically address Structural, Thermal/ Fluid and Control System integration
and the associated Aircraft Evaluation tools to quantify the benefits realised through greater
integration. This will result in a lighter, more fuel efficient and environmentally friendly engine and
aircraft of the future.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Rolls-Royce Plc, United Kingdom £6,366,108 £ 1,910,000


University of Oxford, United Kingdom £949,580 £ 949,580
Queen's University of Belfast, United Kingdom £415,000 £ 415,000
Cranfield University, United Kingdom £1,175,496 £ 1,175,496


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