Enabling Novel Controls & Advanced Software for Engines (ENCASE)

Lead Participant: Rolls-Royce PLC


ENCASE develops a number of key enabling technologies required for the control system in the novel UltraFan® engine demonstrator. These include electronic core concentrator control systems architecture, sealing & sensor technology, a “super” permanent magnet alternator and architectural safety critical software. The consortium is led by Rolls-Royce with large industrial partners Curtiss Wright, TT Electronics, SMEs Porvair Filtration Group Limited, Ionix Advanced Technologies Limited, Active Sensors Limited and academics at the University of Newcastle and the University of York. A key benefit of ENCASE will be in delivering scalable solutions for both business jet and civil engines.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Rolls-Royce PLC, United Kingdom £16,118,231 £ 7,574,804


Ionix Advanced Technologies Ltd, LEEDS £336,007 £ 235,205
Active Sensors Limited, Christchurch £31,736 £ 22,216
Newcastle University, United Kingdom £465,767 £ 465,767
Porvair Filtration Group Limited, King's Lynn £159,342 £ 79,671
University of York, United Kingdom £331,743 £ 331,743
Penny & Giles Controls Limited, Christchurch £557,755 £ 278,878
Aero Stanrew Limited, BARNSTAPLE £499,411 £ 249,709


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