HP-LiSD - High Power Lithium Storage Device

Lead Participant: Bmw Motorsport Limited


Increasing the power-density of batteries is vital to accelerate the widespread adoption of electric vehicles and to reduce their weight. This project aims to develop a High Power Lithium Storage Device (HP-LiSD), with a modular design and at least 5kW/kg, compared to 1-2 kW/kg for the best hybrid lithium ion batteries today. BMW Motorsport Limited will collaborate with McLaren in research, design and development of the battery system for high performance hybrid and full electric vehicle applications. Electrochemistry know-how will come from the University of Warwick with battery cooling and module expertise coming from SME Delta Motorsport Limited. The intention would be for these batteries to power both McLaren and BMW Group cars in the future.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Bmw Motorsport Limited, Farnborough £11,089,878 £ 4,380,502


McLaren Automotive Limited, Woking, United Kingdom £8,016,556 £ 3,026,073
University of Warwick, United Kingdom £3,845,506 £ 3,845,506
Delta Motorsport Limited, OXFORDSHIRE £2,208,424 £ 1,325,054


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