APC Wave 7 : RACE Form


RACEForm project is designed to catalyse cost-effective light-weighting of high volume vehicle platforms using

a robust UK supply chain.The enabling technology, Hot Form Quench HFQ® was developed in Imperial College

& the University of Birmingham & has a unique capability to produce, at high speed, complex high-strength

aluminium components for body-in-white & chassis applications. The RACEForm projects takes this unique

technology, proven for niche vehicle applications, through to a readiness for application in high volume SUV &

electric vehicles by combining the expertise of Impression Technologies (who own the HFQ



Gestamp (a global leader in automotive stampings), Innoval (a leading aluminium technology consulting

company), Imperial College & Brunel University. The project will aim to reduce production cost via cycle time

improvements, validate joining & crash performance & even develop an approach for utilising recycled

aluminium for critical structural components delivering lower CO2 emissions, embedded carbon content of

the vehicle, production cost & (via weight savings) range/performance of electric versions of platforms.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Impression Technologies Limited, Knightsbridge £5,033,067 £ 2,314,708


Brunel University London, Uxbridge £860,027 £ 860,027
Innoval Technology Limited, Sheffield £943,769 £ 377,508
Imperial College London, United Kingdom £590,895 £ 590,895
Autotech Engineering R&d UK Limited, NEWTON AYCLIFFE £2,073,340 £ 642,735


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