Lead Participant: Rolls-Royce plc


Building on the success of the Trent family of three shaft engines Rolls-Royce have announced their intent to develop UltraFan®, a novel Ultra High Bypass Ratio (UHBR) geared architecture. This provides a significant improvement in propulsive efficiency and will be available for the next generation of aircraft 2025 and beyond. A fundamental enabler for this new architecture is the development of SiC-SiC based Ceramic Matrix Composite (CMC) technology that will enhance the competitive position of future Rolls-Royce Civil Large Engine (CLE) products through the introduction of CMC turbine components which offer a significant benefit of Specific Fuel Consumption (SFC) improvement, along with weight reduction, increased cyclic life and reduced component manufacturing lead times. Rolls-Royce will work in partnership with the National Composites Centre, the University of Oxford and the University of Swansea and utilise the UK manufacturing services supply chain to achieve this overall aim.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Rolls-Royce plc, United Kingdom £13,405,293 £ 5,604,753


University of Oxford, United Kingdom £939,998 £ 939,998
Ncc Operations Limited, EMERSONS GREEN £505,000 £ 505,000
Swansea University, United Kingdom £748,650 £ 748,650


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