E-PrIME - Electrified powertrain - Pilotline for Manufacturing Engineering

Lead Participant: Ford Motor Company Limited


The project's aim is to create complimentary engineering capabilities and skills for ultra-high volume manufacture of next generation powertrains. The consortium brings together collective capabilities from manufacturing engineering, the machine tool industry and supply chain, augmented with a cross sector digital visualisation partner. The consortium will develop new processes and validate their suitability for high volume production. They will integrate new manufacturing concepts deploying Industry 4.0, where applicable , with the aim to create a factory digital clone. The ambition of the consortium is to merge new process and powertrain technologies with the latest advancements in digital manufacturing. They will also identify repurposing opportunities for conventional powertrain manufacturing equipment.
The project will be a key project to anchor the high volume manufacturing engineering capabilities and its supply chains in the UK

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Ford Motor Company Limited, Brentwood, United Kingdom £17,147,623 £ 7,721,575


Signal & NoiSE Limited, London £214,628 £ 107,314
Siemens Public Limited Company, United Kingdom £240,913 £ 107,929
National Instruments Corporation (UK) Limited, Newbury, United Kingdom £323,259 £ 145,499
Skillnet Limited, Watford £430,678 £ 258,407
HSSMI Limited, Rainham £1,939,356 £ 1,939,356
Jw Froehlich UK Limited, LAINDON £3,900,061 £ 1,775,698


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