AIRLIFT (Additive IndustRiaLIsation for Future Technology)


AIRLIFT will mature AM (Additive Manufacturing) technology towards a ‘feed stock in – products out’ factory. State-of-art AM is based around machines developed for prototyping and not for serial production. The current available equipment is not scalable, nor fit to be positioned in an efficient factory where the complete process chain is linked. The AM technology is the core to build products but in the total chain it is just one process step of many.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

GKN Aerospace Services Limited, East Cowes, United Kingdom £13,425,505 £ 5,735,408


Siemens Industrial Software £2,292,015 £ 979,149
University of Sheffield, United Kingdom £1,236,145 £ 1,236,145
Cfms Services Limited, BRISTOL £1,052,268 £ 1,052,268


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