OptiComp (Wing Project)

Lead Participant: Short Brothers Plc


Optimised Composite Wings and Aerostructures (OptiComp) is a four year, ATI grant funded R&D project, scheduled to commence in July 2018. It is led by Bombardier, and includes participation and investment by the following consortium partners: Datum Tool Design Ltd, Loop Technology Ltd and Maher Ltd. The aim is to help ensure that Bombardier Belfast, and UK aerospace in general, are positioned as global leaders in the design, development and production of large complex aerostructures (particularly wings).

The initial focus of the project will be a series of trade studies running in parallel with research into innovations aimed at securing near-term productivity enhancements and cost reductions. The outcome of the initial trade studies, based on lessons learnt to date, will determine the focus of the research thereafter.

Major themes include: optimised skin fabrication and performance; automated stringer and spar fabrication; automated torque box assembly; low cost control surfaces; supporting technologies; and, “near net shape” fittings.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Short Brothers Plc, BELFAST £14,209,935 £ 7,036,760


Loop Technology Limited, Weymouth, United Kingdom £350,889 £ 210,533
Maher Limited, LONDON £205,693 £ 117,533
Datum Tool Design Ltd, CO DOWN £191,194 £ 114,716


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