Lead Participant: Rolls-Royce Plc


"Electric and hybrid-electric propulsion is being hailed as the next generation of flight, with double digit percentage Specific Fuel Consumption (SFC) reductions anticipated. There are currently many different hybrid-electric and all-electric aircraft concepts being proposed by a whole host of companies, ranging from traditional airliners, airframers and propulsion companies, to non-aerospace suppliers and start-ups.

As an aerospace propulsion provider, it is critical for Rolls-Royce to develop technologies and capabilities to remain relevant and competitive if an airframer does make the jump to an all-electric or hybrid-electric propulsion platform. Rolls-Royce is not sold on one single future aircraft architecture and therefore needs to develop technology and capability that can be applied to a wide range of future concepts.

These technologies and capabilities include:

* Megawatt class power generation systems
* Megawatt class electric propulsor units
* Thrust control for electric propulsors
* Novel aircraft integration experience
* An understanding of airworthiness requirements for such propulsion systems

In order to rapidly develop and find solutions to challenges associated with the technologies listed above, Rolls-Royce needs to fly these components. Testing on the ground will not suffice to reduce the risks associated with a megawatt class hybrid-electric propulsion system. Airbus' E-Fan X demonstrator gives Rolls-Royce a route to fly these technologies on a safe platform."

Lead Participant

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Rolls-Royce Plc, United Kingdom £34,408,362 £ 17,204,181


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