Aero Flux

Lead Participant: Cfms Services Limited


Aero Flux follows the successful Hyperflux++ (102366) project developing high order computational fluid dynamics (CFD) technology for aerospace. Original partners CFMS (Lead, CFD methods and advanced IT technology), Zenotech (solver technology and support for many-core computing), ARA (mesh generation and validation against wind tunnel data) and Bombardier (nacelle and thrust reverser design and development) will also address requirements for Airbus (surface effects for skin friction drag and undercarriage acoustics) by developing the capability for fluid-structure interaction, broadband acoustics, accelerated time-stepping, advanced high order mesh generation and multi-disciplinary coupling. The project supports international dissemination and export opportunities for UK aerospace technology.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Cfms Services Limited, BRISTOL £703,313 £ 351,657


Aircraft Research Association Limited, BEDS £145,961 £ 72,981
Zenotech Ltd, CHEPSTOW £474,720 £ 303,821
Short Brothers Plc, BELFAST £224,943 £ 44,989


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