Building UK Tier 1 Supply of Powertrains for Zero Emission Buses and Commercial Vehicles

Lead Participant: Arcola Energy Limited


"This project will accelerate development and market readiness of zero emission powertrains and components and strengthen UK Tier 1 supply for a wide range of commercial vehicles and buses.

It will bring to market complete fuel cell electric powertrains, develop a best-in-class highly integrated motor drive unit, strengthen UK capability in supply of power-led battery packs, and demonstrate a game-changing hydrogen storage technology on a commercial vehicle for the first time.

Two zero-emission vehicles will be developed to production prototype stage, a double deck bus and 12t truck, demonstrating the capability and performance of the whole powertrain and the key components for a wide range of commercial vehicles.

The partners are hydrogen and fuel cell system engineering business Arcola Energy, UK Tier 1 AVID Technology, Global Tier 1 Eaton and technology developer Terragenic."

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Arcola Energy Limited, London, United Kingdom £2,661,033 £ 1,330,516


Eaton Limited, TITCHFIELD £386,328 £ 193,164
Terragenic UK Limited, London £557,947 £ 278,974
Avid Technology Limited, CRAMLINGTON £2,809,408 £ 1,404,704


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