Viking identities networks

Lead Research Organisation: University of Nottingham
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The Scandinavian migrations of the Viking Age left a lasting linguistic, material and genetic mark on Britain, Ireland and their North Atlantic neighbours. The Viking Identities Network will stimulate both academic and popular discussions about the creation of 'Viking', 'Norse' and 'hybrid' identities in the Viking Age, and their 21''-century legacy. The project will explore (1) the role of women and gender in language and material culture and (2) the memorialising of Viking identities from pagan times to the present.


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Jesch J (2008) Myth and Cultural Memory in the Viking Diaspora in Viking and Medieval Scandinavia

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Stigsørensen M (2009) Gender, Matrial Culture, and Identity in the Viking Diaspora in Viking and Medieval Scandinavia

Description The network organised a series of events in the years 2006-2009 at which academic colleagues in a variety of disciplines explored new ways of understanding the Viking Age and its aftermath. Prominent themes of the network events and subsequent publications were gender, identity and myth, and the network also launched the concept of the 'Viking diaspora', now well established both in the academic world and the public consciousness.
Exploitation Route The idea of the network was to develop new understandings and methods in Viking studies - these can then be taken forward by specialists in their own disciplines, in a variety of ways.
Sectors Education,Leisure Activities, including Sports, Recreation and Tourism,Culture, Heritage, Museums and Collections

Description By academics in a variety of publications, and by heritage and cultural organisations in their work. Also, by the PI in a further funded project (AH/J007307/1)
First Year Of Impact 2010
Sector Education,Culture, Heritage, Museums and Collections
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End 09/2013