Study on the Feasibility of a Low Cost iStream Fuel Cell Vehicle


Gordon Murray Design Limited and ACAL Energy Limited have embarked on a twelve month feasibility study of a low cost fuel cell vehicle, based on the iStream® manufacturing system.
The integration of ACAL Energy (AE)’s novel fuel cell technology with the innovative iStream® vehicle platform (previously developed by Gordon Murray Design) can leverage the cost advantages of both to produce a mass market affordable extra-urban and highway capable fuel cell vehicle.
The high level requirements of the vehicle will be captured to derive a vehicle specification. Different fuel cell powertrain configurations will then be modelled to generate fuel cell power demand profiles, component sizes and targets for weight and volume for the AE fuel cell engine, which will then be the subject of a design study. The primary structure of an AE/iStream® vehicle will be generated with the proposed fuel cell powertrain integrated.
The consortium will also undertake a techno-economic analysis of the proposed vehicle and develop a project plan and outline bill of materials for a demonstrator vehicle build.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer



Gordon Murray Design Limited, Guildford, United Kingdom
Acal Energy Ltd, LIVERPOOL £57,319 £ 36,500




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