Feasibility of re-using electric vehicle batteries for electricity storage in the utilities sector

Lead Participant: TRL Limited


TRL are the lead partner of a consortium consisting of ecoXchange, EDF Energy, E.ON and Red Deer Technology Group. This project seeks to identify the optimal business case for EV battery reuse in the UK by determining what the highest value services for EV battery reuse could be, and how technically feasible these reuse applications are. This feasibility study is focusing on investigating the feasibility of reusing EV batteries for energy utilities applications. The project will investigate where the highest value locations for electricity storage may be; whether on transmission or distribution networks, or on community or domestic-scale installations. It will also investigate what the highest value services are, which could be: provision of back-up power, peak-shaving, load-shifting, grid-investment deferral or provision of balancing services.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer



TRL Limited, Wokingham
E.on Technologies (Ratcliffe) Limited, COVENTRY £14,292 £ 9,280
Ecoxchange Limited, GUILDFORD, United Kingdom £13,435 £ 10,076
Red Deer Technology Group Ltd, SHEFFIELD £27,875 £ 20,906
Edf Energy Plc, LONDON £19,678 £ 12,790




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