Urban Virtual Energy Exchange (U-VEX)

Lead Participant: PIXELMILL LTD


The study, to be undertaken by a consortium of Clicks and Links Ltd, Ove Arup and Partners and the University of Manchester, along with a range of knowledge partners from Greater Manchester will look at the feasibility of creating a model of an Urban Virtual Energy Exchange (U-VEX ).This model will be used as the basis for both scenario/business planning and operational tools for an Urban Energy Enterprise. Such an enterprise would include access to and management of energy flows between local energy generation, local energy storage and demand participation assets as well as the ability to trade with external energy sources. The study will investigate the technical, legal, commercial, operational and institutional elements of such a model using Greater Manchester as a reference. The output of the study will be a series of reports detailing the feasibility or not of such a model, including prototypes of how it might work practically and a business plan for its development.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

PIXELMILL LTD £72,854 £ 52,000


OVE ARUP & PARTNERS LIMITED £41,965 £ 29,500


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