Novel Bio-Resins for 100% Bio-Based Composite Materials

Lead Participant: Netcomposites Limited


Composite materials typically consist of a relatively stiff fibre reinforcement, such as carbon or glass, embedded in a plastic. They provide a lightweight and easily-formed alternative to metals and are widely used in a range of applications including transport and construction.
NetComposites has previously developed a range of flax-based natural fibre reinforcements for composites. These have clear sustainability advantages compared to conventional synthetic fibre reinforcements such as glass. However, the natural fibres are currently typically used in conjunction with oil-based plastics. In order to maximise their sustainability, bio-resin formulations are required so that 100% bio-based composites can be realised.
The objective of this feasibility study is to identify and evaluate bio-based resins that would be suitable for use in conjunction with natural flax fibres in bio-composites.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Netcomposites Limited, Chesterfield £33,000 £ 24,750


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