Connect Bristol

Lead Participant: Bristol City Council


Bristol faces challenges typical of many cities; climate change, energy resilience, congestion, health and well being of a diverse, ageing population and the transition to a low carbon economy. What sets us apart from other cities is the richness of our public-private-people partnerships and we champion innovative approaches to tackling city issues through the smart deployment of ICT and digital connectivity. Connect Bristol will explore how to leverage existing investment and relationships, and create new ones, to produce a global showcase to open-up and integrate smart city systems. It will explore the implementation of a citywide, cloud-based partnership platform to aggregate, integrate and innovate; providing a mechanism to derive greater economic, social and environmental value from data currently embedded in separate organisational systems. It will anticipate the explosion of data that the Internet of Things and an increasingly dispersed energy production system will bring.

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Bristol City Council, United Kingdom


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