Leicester; Low Carbon City

Lead Participant: Leicester City Council


Leicester's City Mayor has established the City Partnership to deliver the ambitious aim of creating a low carbon city: a city with its own power station providing both electricity and heat to homes and businesses; a city creating new jobs in energy efficiency and renewable energy; a city with energy efficient homes and businesses; a city maximising its local food potential, minimising its waste and a city that is developing low carbon transport systems. This proposal is to integrate many issues into a coordinated programme to bring efficiencies that deliver social, economic and encvironmental benefits with greater impact and lower cost. It will integrate the low carbon city objective with affordable homes, jobs, quality of life, young people, culture, and sport.
The feasibility study will allow us to identify the most appropriate low carbon interventions to make on a citywide scale to help improve quality of life for those living and working in Leicester.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

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Leicester City Council, United Kingdom £49,995 £ 49,995


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