Southampton: Low Carbon City

Lead Participant: Southampton City Council


This project establishes the delivery mechanism to co-ordinate the essential public and private investments in infrastructure which underpin the City Council's Future Southampton programme. Working closely with core delivery partners this will encompass sustainable travel, major city transport schemes, flood risk management, district energy and renewables, waste management, estates regeneration, school and hospitals retrofit, port access and logistics. A green enterprise hub will drive research and investment in integrated energy technologies and an intelligent infrastructure management system for the city will maximise synergies between waste, energy, transport, freight and logistics. The programme will use of state-of-the-art demand reduction and energy generation technologies in buildings, and integrated transportation systems, underpinned by ICT processes that provide the necessary approaches for an exemplar 21st century City...

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Southampton City Council, United Kingdom £50,000 £ 50,000


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