Smart Fasteners and Intelligent Valves


The consortium has identified a novel technology which, when used in valve assemblies, will enable a shift towards a condition monitoring pre-fault responsive system. The present approach to assess the integrity of critical threaded fasteners is by on site periodic maintenance by maintenance engineers who perform visual assessments and, under certain circumstances, measure fastener torque. A condition monitoring approach is the preferred solution, as this can mean the difference between the optimal operation of the facility / pipeline and an unscheduled shutdown. The smart washer, when fitted in critical valve fasteners, will wirelessly communicate performance data and relay the status of the fasteners to centralised data centres. Immediate impacts will be increased safety and reduced maintenance costs. Maintenance will be performed after one or more indicators indicate that equipment is going to fail or that equipment performance is deteriorating.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Smart Component Technologies Limited, Huddersfield, United Kingdom £45,490 £ 26,689


University of Huddersfield, United Kingdom £39,571 £ 39,571
Severn Unival Limited, GLOUCESTER £14,505 £ 4,929


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