Service Protection and Acceleration into the Cloud for Enterprise (SPACE)

Lead Participant: Thinking Safe Limited


Service Protection and Acceleration into the Cloud for Enterprise (SPACE) project will define the blueprint for an innovative cloud service to support commercial collaboration between the UK cloud software and cloud services vendors. The project will establish technical and commercial viability of a national infrastructure for enterprise data protection, allowing the UK to compete effectively with large international software companies that are exploiting their software ownership to gain advantage in the international cloud services market. The project will deliver detailed specifications for enhancing an existing UK software product to meet the functional, information security, user experience and cost requirements. The consortium includes: ThinkingSafe (TSL), Royal Holloway University of London, Information Security Group (ISG) and Wax-RDC (WAX). The commercial service will be implemented by TSL, and exploited in collaboration with other UK service providers.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Thinking Safe Limited, LONDON, EGHAM £105,293 £ 44,653


Wax Rdc Ltd, LONDON £29,991 £ 15,000
Royal Holloway College and Bedford New College £15,347 £ 15,347


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