Innovative business models for integrated cellulosic butanol

Lead Participant: Green Biologics Limited


This 'Business Models Feasibility' project focuses on the identification and validation of appropriate and workable collaborative business models that enable the production of biobutanol from sustainable lignocellulosic feedstocks. GBL aims to integrate its world leading and proprietary
n-butanol fermentation technology with proven cellulosic feedstock hydrolysis technology. The project will identify and evaluate new business models and monetization options that underpin successful business collaboration between GBL (butanol fermentation technology owner) and the ‘Partner’ (cellulosic hydrolysis technology owner) and the 'Facility Owner' (owner of the bichemical production facility). This 'Business Models Feasibility' project will facilitate the rapid commercial exploitation of technical demonstration work that GBL will conduct alongside this commercial feasibility study.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Green Biologics Limited, ABINGDON £33,000 £ 24,750


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