Reducing cost of energy for offshore wind through integrated wind turbine and support structure design leading to reduction of support structure cost


GL Garrad Hassan is conducting fully integrated offshore wind turbine and support structure design with an objective of demonstrating the potential savings in lifetime cost of energy though better optimisation of the support structure. The supply and installation of an offshore wind turbine support structure accounts for about 28% of the lifetime cost of energy. The integrated design approach aims to reduce conservatism in the support structure design by correctly capturing the global dynamics and combined wind and wave loading of the system. Furthermore, it provides an opportunity for intelligent turbine control system action aimed specifically at minimising loads in the support structure, and hence further reducing steel mass and cost. GH will conduct all the work, no external partners are involved. GH is confident of demonstrating potential cost of energy savings; this should benefit offshore wind in general and support the growth of the UK supply chain for offshore wind.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Garrad Hassan & Partners Limited, BRISTOL £150,061 £ 97,500


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