Ultra-low cost infrastructure free navigation and obstacle detection for a low cost automated mobile robot for warehouse order picking

Lead Participant: Guidance Marine Limited


The project aims to assess the feasibility of developing an ultra-low cost automated mobile robot (AMR) using infrastructure free navigation algorithms and very low cost vision systems for both navigation and obstacle detection. It is aimed to support more automated warehouse piece picking operations and will be deployed in an environment in which humans and robots continuously intermingle cooperatively. The project builds on recently patented IP from Oxford University Mobile Robotics group The project develops the specification and requirements for an AMR for use in the fast growth piece picking warehouse operations. The feasibility of using infrastructure free navigation algorithms and a very low cost commercial off the shelf vision system will be assessed. The use of the low cost vision system will also be reviewed for capability for combined navigation and obstacle detection. A trial AMR unit will be produced as a technology demonstrator and tested in a representative warehouse environment.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Guidance Marine Limited, LEICESTER £84,628 £ 63,471


University of Oxford, United Kingdom £39,000 £ 39,000
Gompels Healthcare Limited, MELKSHAM £9,288 £ 6,966


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