Redox Batteries for Balancing Urban M



Redox Flow Batteries (RFB) can be used to store large quantities of grid-scale electrical energy. RFB's present certain advantages over other energy storage devices, such as decoupling power from energy, long life, very fast response, potentially modular and mobile, and low environmental impact, making them suitable for applications where energy storage is necessary to balance electricity generation with consumer demand. This may prove especially useful in modern cities, where transport and infrastructure will rely increasingly on reliable power supplies, and where increasing Renewable Energy penetration is likely to suffer from intermittent and unpredictable supply.
The main objectives of this project are:
• To assess the technical feasibility and potential of implementing RFB's, or more specifically, Vanadium Redox Batteries VRB), in urban electricity networks, as energy storage devices for balancing purposes. Battery power and energy capacity considerations will be examined, as well as key components necessary to implement the technology, as well as a comparison with other storage battery technologies.
• An analysis will be performed, to identify the potential costs and benefits of implementing RFB's in the electricity networks of cities, as compared to other technologies.


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