Ebbs and flows of Energy System (EFES)

Lead Participant: Kam Futures Limited


This feasibility study will develop the concept of an Ebb and Flow Energy System (EFES) for a building or community based location. The proposal is based on three components. Firstly the Virtual Power Plant (VPP) at an aggregate level combining energy generation from a number of sources with the potential to become positive energy buildings having the ability to satisfy its own energy needs (thermal and/or electric) and contribute excess power to the community. Secondly electric vehicles with a vehicle to grid capability and smart metering to allow the ebb and flow of energy between the grid, the virtual power plant, the electric vehicles and the end use devices. The third element is the new business models for implementation and operation. The positive energy building concept becomes technically and economically feasible if extending its boundary to groups of buildings, campuses, communities (aggregators). While the proposal is technically innovative it also requires a new form of business model to enable it to develop into a market ready solution. The feasibility study will identify approaches to address the technical issues already noted and engage with appropriate stakeholders and collaborative research partners to develop business models for partic


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