Oxy-hybrid Power Cycle with Advanced Heat Recovery Network

Lead Participant: Aopc Limited


The project independently proves the concept of an invention and it’s Technology Readiness Level. The invention is a new oxy-hybrid turbine cycle that intrinsically produces a pure stream of carbon dioxide ready for use or compression and piping to storage. In order to meet the UK’s 80% CO2 emission reduction target by 2050, and recognising the UK’s continuing reliance on gas fired power generation, a substantial technology evolution is required over current technologies. This project will exploit an advanced heat recycle method in an oxy-hybrid turbine for electricity generation. This technology is capable of minimising the energy and capital cost penalties associated with the introduction of CCS in power plants. This innovative cycle will be more efficient and economic than combined cycle plants. The plant can also be fitted with a further unit operation to improve load range with more power output and efficiency. The project report will include the recommended next steps in the development of the cycle.

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