SITI-M: Smart Integrated Transport Infrastructure Maintenance

Lead Participant: In Touch Limited


Traditionally transport maintenance activities are planned and implemented in silos based on the mode of transport (road, rail etc), the type of asset (e.g. motorways vs trunk roads) and the contractors involved. This silo-based approach has been compounded by the fixed maintenance schedules that have been employed on many transport assets. However, recent advances in mobile computing and new forms of maintenance contract means that for the first time there is the possibility to consider how maintenance can best be planned and conducted in a smart, integrated fashion that spans across transport modes and that can be effectively communicated to travellers – enabling the UK to maximise the use of its transport infrastructure in a holistic manner. In this study we will explore the feasibility of creating an in-field trial of such an approach using the M25 as a test site. The study will consider the benefits to both transport infrastructure owners and maintainers and the general travelling public with the overall aim of assessing whether it is possible to both reduce congestion and maintain the transport infrastructure more effectively and efficiently.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

In Touch Limited, Morecombe £97,722 £ 70,995


Connect Plus (M25) Limited, SOUTH MIMMS £13,859 £ 9,000


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