Closed Loop Adaptive Assembly Workbench

Lead Participant: Meggitt Plc


Meggitt PLC manufactures high value complex parts for the aerospace market. Key to the manufacture of these parts is the assembly of sub-components. Low production volumes mean that it is uneconomical to automate this process and as such the process is conducted by a pool of skilled factory operators. The Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (AMRC) has previously conducted research into Intelligent Workbench technology, capable of interactively guiding an operator through an assembly process using display screens and projection mapping. This technology currently requires a labour intensive study to ensure omniscient knowledge of the assembly process: an open loop approach. This project delivers innovation by augmenting existing workbench technology with new sensors, tooling, fixtures and bespoke software capable of generating actionable information in relation to the performance of the assembly process and recommendations for the optimisation of steps in the assembly process. Such optimisations can then be recorded by an operator on a workbench, closing the loop and eliminating the need for labour intensive pre-emptive studies.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Meggitt Plc, CHRISTCHURCH £75,164 £ 48,857


Advanced Manufacturing (Sheffield) Limited, Rotherham
University of Sheffield, United Kingdom £29,262 £ 29,262
Visio Ingenii Ltd, LUTON £10,009 £ 7,507


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