Time resolved Raman spectrometer using Geiger mode detector technology

Lead Participant: Is-Instruments Limited


Raman spectrometers are a common laser based chemical analysing tool used today across both industry and academia. The aim of this project is to a develop a new class of Time resolved Raman spectrometer to remove background fluorescent signals from Raman measurements. Although time resolved measurement is a established method to remove the fluorescent signal current systems are complex and expensive. This novel approach in principle could enable the development of a new hand held instrument for use in the security, pharmaceutical or biological services sector within 5 years. Within this study the team will focus on the production of a proof of concept bench top system, that will be tested against both non fluorescing and fluorescing samples. During the programme potential customer in the security pharmaceutical and biological services sector will be consulted to ensure the development is target at key markets.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Is-Instruments Limited, Tonbridge, United Kingdom £99,110 £ 74,332


University of Leicester, United Kingdom £39,994 £ 39,994


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