Novel frequency doubled laser platform for atomic quantum technologies


Miniaturised, portable chip-scale clocks and sensors are regarded as central priorities for future sensors, navigation and secure communication systems. The Royal Academy of Engineering has highlighted the vulnerability of global navigation satellite systems and recommends that all critical infrastructures relying on accurate time measurements should have a robust holdover alternative technology. This project addresses one of the key components in achieving this goal by implementing DFB laser and PPLN technology developed for consumer applications to produce a cost effective, miniature laser technology platform for achieving short wavelength sources for use in quantum systems and sensors. By utilising technology developed for picoprojector, head up display and near eye display applications we will achieve a step change in laser technologies for quantum applications resulting in a 10e5 reduction in form factor. The vision of this project is to demonstate a scaleable, commercially viable technological approach to prodcuing laser sources for quantum applications building on the partners experience in applying these techniques for consumer applications.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Kelvin Nanotechnology Limited, GLASGOW £178,740 £ 116,182


Npl Management Limited, TEDDINGTON £70,953 £ 46,119


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