Single Photon Infrared Detectors for Quantum Systems

Lead Participant: Amethyst Research Limited


The objective of this project is to undertake a technical feasibility study to prototype and assess a newly conceived, potentially disruptive Single Photon detector technology. Current common Single Photon Avalanche Detection (SPAD) technology is based on Silicon, which has significant limitations in terms of detection of light only between 300-1100nm, corresponding to the optical bandgap of silicon.

The technology proposed for this project will employ compound semiconductor materials which enables wavelength discrimination and can be bandgap engineered for a wide range of photon energies. The program brings together an experienced portfolio of academia, SME’s and industry. The project will be led by Amethyst Research Ltd, in partnership with Lancaster University, CST and Selex ES (as a subcontractor).

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Amethyst Research Limited, Glasgow £107,138 £ 80,354


Compound Semiconductor Technologies Global Limited, Blantyre, UK £79,746 £ 59,810
Lancaster University


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