ACAME: Advanced Control Aspects for MEdia workload processing

Lead Participant: Dithen Limited


Dithen is a Computation-as-a-Service platform tailored to the parallel execution of very-large scale multimedia tasks. By using Dithen, businesses or end users can carry out face or object detection and recognition, visual similarity identification, video transcoding, etc., within big image/video datasets without managing any cloud-computing servers, but simply via a very simple and intuitive web service. In this way, users of Dithen have a supercomputer at their fingertips without having to manage its software or hardware infrastructure, or indeed having to convert their local multimedia processing software to a framework amenable to cloud computing. In this project we propose to research and develop advanced concepts from control systems theory for the optimization of the deployment of Dithen, in order to decrease its expenditure on cloud-computing infrastructure by up to an order of magnitude.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Dithen Limited, London £32,900 £ 23,030


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