Lead Participant: C-Tech Innovation Limited


The principal objective of InterCityAir is to develop and test the feasibility of an outdoor air quality (AQ) sensing unit that could be linked to a city's traffic management system to improve flow and thereby reduce pollution hot-spots from queuing traffic. The InterCityAir project will develop, build and test the AQ sensing system against current monitoring standards and equipment. Protocols to integrate the AQ data with Chester city's Siemens STRATOS traffic management system will be established and trialled.The InterCityAir sensing units will be scalable to a city-wide network of AQ sensors to implement this integrated data platform across Chester, strengthen the local air quality management and improve citizen health by reducing air pollution build-up. The InterCityAir project will ensure the AQ data accesible is made accessible to a wider group of stakeholders as well as the public. The sensor network proposed will be scalable to ultimately provide higher resolution air quality data for the Chester area.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

C-Tech Innovation Limited, Chester, United Kingdom £140,456 £ 84,274


Cheshire West and Chester Council, Chester £22,761 £ 22,761
University of Chester, United Kingdom


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