Offsite Innovators Network

Lead Participant: Skanska Technology Limited


Led by Skanska UK and supported by leading construction contractors and major UK-based companies, this

feasability study will focus on testing the efficacy and impact of an inter and cross sector 'Offsite Innovators

Network'' model to understand its ability to improve the flow of information, innovation, integration and

collaboration in the offsite construction sector supply chain. The offsite construction supply chain is

fragmented with design, manufacturing, logistics and onsite construction all vital to the process. The lack of

collaboration between these sectors hampers both the sector's growth and it's ability to innovate. This study

will test the feasibility and impact (economic, social and environmental) of identifying and developing an

'Offsite Innovators Network' drawn from the offsite sector to deliver, free of charge, supply chain knowledge

transfer to companies both within their own sector and across the sectors that make up the offsite

construction supply chain.

Lead Participant

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Skanska Technology Limited, London, United Kingdom
Action Sustainability (Trading) Limited, SEAHAM £110,119 £ 77,083




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