Feasibility study for Advanced Real-time Production Optimisation (ARPO) of Integrated Oil & Gas Production Facilities


Maximising the exploitation of the UK Continental Shelf’s (UKCS’s) remaining oil & gas reserves is critical to UK

tax revenues, security of energy supply, balance of payments and competiveness of manufacturing industries.

This feasibility study proposal is for pre-commercial development of an Advanced Real-time Production

Optimisation (ARPO) tool to enable UKCS Oil & Gas operating companies to optimise production in integrated

oil & gas production assets in real time in order to maximise revenue and increase extraction efficiency. It uses

well-to-facilities mathematical models of the production system combined with operational data within a

rigorous mathematical optimisation framework to determine, for example, which wells to deploy, optimal gas

lift flowrates for each operating well and other operational settings. The unique technology addresses well-

known deficiencies of currently-deployed tools, draws on extensive existing PSE technology and experience,

transfers and adapts well-established existing technology and expertise from other sectors, and involves

engagement of key stakeholders to develop requirements and validate the pre-commercial development.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Process Systems Enterprise Limited, London, United Kingdom £149,879 £ 104,916


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