Ultra Low Temperature Battery (ULTB)

Lead Participant: Hyperdrive Innovation Ltd


This project brings together two companies - Hyperdrive Innovation and Oxis Energy - who are the forefront of

battery technology in the UK to explore the technical feasibility of a new generation of energy storage for use

in extremely cold climates. This will be achieved by developing a low temperature electrolyte for Lithium-Sulfur

(Li-S) rechargeable battery chemistry, and chemistry-agnostic battery management system and packaging that

can withstand and outperform the current lead-acid battery solution. British Antarctic Survey will act as subject

matter experts to inform the development of a battery capable of operating in one of the harshest

environments on the planet. Such a battery would allow British Antarctic Survey (BAS) to significantly increase

autonomous scientific measurements made in the Antarctic, but without increasing transport costs or

emissions. The resulting technology will lead to a follow-on mid-stage project to develop a high energy density

rechargeable battery that can operate at -80 °C for Antarctica survey organisations and several other crossover

markets for energy storage and unmanned systems.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Hyperdrive Innovation Ltd, SUNDERLAND £105,348 £ 63,209


OXIS Energy Limited, Abingdon, United Kingdom £81,899 £ 49,139


10 25 50