Maximising the commercial impact of (meta-)genomics via bespoke HMM and big data tools

Lead Participant: Prozomix Limited


This project aims to develop specialised cloud computing software at Newcastle University designed specifically

for big data applications in the area of bioinformatics. The new software will enable scientists at Prozomix

Limited to develop very large panels of biological catalysts (enzyme products) for various fields of application,

but principally the production of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) by synthetic chemists. Such Green-

Chemistry industrial processes are in great demand as they offer the ability to produce such high value

chemicals with significantly less impact on the environment, such as from heavy metals, solvent and other

processing waste generated by traditional chemical processes. As a result such bioprocesses can also reduce

the cost of production of APIs, leading to a positive societal impact through wider availability/increased

effectiveness of drugs. This project will further cement the position of Prozomix Limited as a key supplier of

such innovative biocatalysis enzyme screening products/services, and significantly contribute to the ambition of

the company to become the gold-standard supplier in this rapidly expanding commercial sector.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Prozomix Limited, Northumberland, United Kingdom £115,255 £ 80,679


Newcastle University, United Kingdom £28,073 £ 28,073


10 25 50