Bi-Yb Phospho-Tellurite fibre laser for cancer detection (BYPT-laser)


This project will develop and demonstrate a low cost tuneable fibre-laser Phospho-Tellurite fibre laser (BTPT-

laser) operating across the 1000-1500nm bandwidth which will give endoscopic surgeons to unambiguously

detect the precancerous and cancerous tissue by producing images and chemical maps differentiating between

cancerous and the healthy tissue, but also determine the shape and size of the cancer/precancerous region for

resection. At present this capability is not available anywhere in the world.ublic Project Summary

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Glass Technology Services Ltd, Sheffield £109,990 £ 76,993


University of Leeds, United Kingdom £39,450 £ 39,450


10 25 50