Unlocking the potential of a Free Piston Engine range-extender


The project will show it is feasibly to unlock the theoretical potential of innovative Free Piston Engine (FPE)

technology to deliver increased efficiency and significanly reduced CO2 emissions for hybrid electric vehicles.

Free Piston Engines are disruptive technology offering the potential of a 30% efficiency improvement over

conventional reciprocating engine based range extenders but until now this has largely only been shown

through simulation and desk-based analysis.

This project will demonstrate the feasibility of FPE technology for vehicle range extender applications by:

• Development of an FPE control strategy that delivers the high efficiency and low CO2 emissions

• Specification and design of an innovative power electronics drive for controlling and optimising the

electrical energy generation from FPE linear motor/generators

• identifying the most appropriate vehicle applications and the market potential for FPE range-extenders

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

SR Technology Innovations Ltd £158,090 £ 110,664


Newcastle University, United Kingdom £91,707 £ 91,707


10 25 50