Composite dual functional filter for cabin air clean-up

Lead Participant: Copper Clothing Ltd.


Health effects associated with microbial aerosols and contaminants are well known. Due to the large

number of passengers in the aircraft cabin, there may be high concentrations of CO2, dust, fibres, bacteria and

other micro-organisms.

In the complex cabin air environment, passengers and crew may be more susceptible to infection than under

normal circumstances. The collaborative project between Copper Clothing Ltd and the University of Bath aim to

develop a novel dual functional cabin air filter for the eradication of microbial aerosols, and the removal of

volatile contaminants, providing improved, cleaner air for passenger use. The active copper ions and nano-

carbon/novel metal organic frameworks (MOF) encapsulated microbial/adsorbent filters will be designed to

achieve optimal filtration performance while providing health benefits to passengers and crew, maximum

service life, minimum weight, smallest size and energy savings.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Copper Clothing Ltd., CATERHAM £45,001 £ 31,501


University of Bath, Bath £39,984 £ 39,984


10 25 50