Virtual validation Environment for Driver Assistance Systems (VEDAS)

Lead Participant: AVL Powertrain UK Limited


In today's competitive market, automotive manufacturers and suppliers must achieve faster time to market as

well as improved quality and reliability. For ADAS features, this is especially the case due to the rapid growth in

this field. Additionally they must satisfy customer and regulatory demand for greater safety and robustness.

Product development and design must be optimised and verified with a limited number of available physical

prototypes and to tight timescales. Methods to conduct some of these activities virtually will be of significant

benefit. Full-vehicle validation will still be required, so opportunities to make this process more robust and

time-effective will appeal to OEMs.

This feasibility project will develop processes and methodologies needed to support a virtual validation

environment for ADAS and autonomous vehicles. Such an environment will allow faster, more controllable and

adaptable validation.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

AVL Powertrain UK Limited, Basildon £248,174 £ 124,087


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