Connected Car Data - Creating new business models

Lead Participant: Thingful Limited


This project assesses the feasibility of real-time vehicle data sharing within a decentralised system of data

producers and consumers, making use of data from embedded automotive connectivity modules. We

demonstrate a system for making vehicle data accessible to a variety of third parties through an IoT system that

mediates access via a decentralised and trustless transaction management system, with drivers' explicit

consent and incentivisation. It will be built on technical and business model innovations that we at Thingful are

already developing for other verticals. The potential of connectivity and increasing level of sensor based

automation in vehicles is not being harnessed due to a lack of a clear value and business proposition for

automotive OEMs. This feasibility work will demonstrate that creating a sesnor data service for automotive

aftermarket channels, app developers and other parties (that are affected by or have a direct interest in the

automotive value chain) accelerates value creation in the industry and will show how a technology like Thingful

enables and supports it.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Thingful Limited, London £240,113 £ 168,079


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