Optimised Vehicle Autonomy for Ride and Emissions

Lead Participant: Emissions Analytics Limited


This project aims to demonstrate the concept of optimising the driving style of autonomous vehicles (AVs) for

passenger ride comfort, vehicle emissions and fuel consumption, and journey time. The results of this project

will evaluate the impacts of customers interacting with AVs to specify a driving style to suit their requirements

(e.g. minimise travel time, or maximise comfort) on AV fuel consumption and emissions and on traffic at the

network level using simulation methods. The collaboration between Emissions Analytics and the Centre for

Transport Studies, Imperial College London, combines access to a range of vehicles for testing, expertise in

vehicle emissions measurement, innovation in sensor development and expertise in the simulation of AVs. New

measurements of ride comfort and emissions will be used to develop models that can be used in further

simulations of passenger-AV interactions. As part of this project, a ride comfort sensor will be developed to

independently measure vibrations so that standard ride comfort metrics can be calculated. The ride quality

sensor developed in this project will also be used to detect road degradation for highways maintenance.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Emissions Analytics Limited, Winchester, United Kingdom £124,093 £ 86,866


Imperial College London, United Kingdom £123,524 £ 123,524


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