Pinpoint: Simple, low-cost, compact and precise localisation for highly autonomous vehicles


Highly automomous vehicles need to know their location relative to the road but GPS is not accurate enough.

Autonomous vehicles being developed and tested today use rich 3D maps of the environment to determine the

vehicle position to within a centimeter or so but the technology is very expensive, bulky and power hungry.

We have identified a radically new way to determine vehicle location that is not only cheaper, more compact

and more efficient but should also determine position to millimeter accuracy. Our system uses a novel 3D

imaging sensor.

In our project we will build a prototype of the sensor, demonstrate the ability to localise a vehicle and develop

the commercial value proposition and route to market.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Machines With Vision Limited, EDINBURGH £174,697 £ 122,288


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